4. Power Interruption

  1. When the power is off for your home only
    Check the circuit breakers on the distribution board in your home first. You may be able to restore power by operating the breakers. If any of the circuit breakers is turned off, turn all of them on after unplugging all electric appliances in use in your home. If you are not able to restore power even after switching the circuit breakers on, please inquire the caretaker of your apartment or housing complex first.

    Are you sure you are not using too much electricity at once? The maximum amount of electricity consumption at any given time is pre-determined for each household. If your circuit breaker trips frequently, you are advised to consult the caretaker of your home.

  2. When the power is out in your entire neighborhood
    A power failure may have occurred due to a natural disaster (forced outage) or electrical works (power stoppage for work). Please switch off all electric appliances in use and wait for the power to turn back on.


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