We are informing you that we opened our office at a new location.
Since some time ago, we had been preparing for relocation and finally completed it.

We will very much appreciate your cooperation.

The new office is more spacious, and we can provide visitors with a comfortable space.

On this occasion, our employees are determined to work even harder to meet your expectations. We want to ask for your continued cooperation in the future as well.

Saki Corporation Okinawa City
3-23-10 Yamauchi
Hours of Operation: 09:00-17:00
Sunday and Japanese holiday is closed
Email: maintenance@saki-corp.jp

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Our English-speaking staff will help you find your new home.


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You can see the house on VR tours and youtube without going there!


I'll never forget to thank you.

We will never forget to thank you for your satisfaction in choosing Saki Corporation!


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Favorite phrase/Motto perseverance pays divideuds Hobby Cooking Favorite spot/Restaurant Japanese soba AZUCHI
Favorite phrase/Motto Hard work will pay off. Hobby: Fitness Favorite spot/Restaurant: Gon(okianwan Soba)
Favorite phrase/Motto Gratitude Hobby Helping her husband in the fields Favorite spot/Restaurant Gelato & Cafe ISOLA in Yomitan Chuben  Gelato made with Okinawan ingredients changes its flavor with the seasons, so you can taste the season's best gelato! 
Favorite phrase/Motto:If there is a will,There is a way. Hobby:Dancing Favorite spot/Restaurant:Uema Tempura

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